Chroma Joins Project Blue for the Second Year in a Row to Deepen ESG and Accelerate Sustainability

For the second consecutive year, Chroma participated in Business Today Magazine's "Project Blue" beach-cleanup movement. The marine debris and plastic bottles collected will be transformed into Taiwan’s iconic blue-and-white slippers by eco-friendly shoemakers. Through this effort, Chroma hopes to contribute to implementing the circular economy and recycling ocean trash. On April 22, World Earth Day, Project Blue held a press conference and Chroma was invited to share the outcome of our efforts in the project.

At the press conference, Andy Liang, publisher of Business Today, said that ocean debris creates an environmental crisis that is second only to climate change in its severity, and systematic changes are needed to solve it. The reporting team's two consecutive years of coverage have shown that Taiwan's trend of constructing landfills on rural seashores is causing more marine pollution problems, which also require comprehensive government plans to address. Liang further stated that as a media entity, the magazine is concerned with those issues that go unnoticed by the general public, and hopes to make Taiwan better through its various efforts.

Environmental Sustainability Takes Root through Basic Education

Paul Ying, Executive Director of Chroma’s ESG Office, stated: “At Chroma's beach-cleanup last year, employees brought their families to participate. In addition to clearing 496 kilograms of marine debris, the most important thing is that through this meaningful experience, children told their parents that disposable plastic straws and bottles should no longer be used, imploring them to ‘think of the poor turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nose’. Environmental protection starts from fundamental education, so if this activity can affect the consumption habits of the family, it’s a good start.”

Moving Towards Net-Zero Emissions by 2050

Chroma is a high-tech, low pollution, low energy consumption enterprise. Though we do not produce consumer products, the mobile phones, Bluetooth headphones, electric vehicles, and now increasingly popular metaverse AR / VR glasses widely used in everyday life all need Chroma’s reliable test equipment to ensure their quality and safety. Chroma uses innovations in test technology to develop a variety of regenerative test solutions which not only help customers save substantially on their electricity bills, but most importantly, reduce carbon emissions.

For many years, Chroma has been putting a lot of effort into corporate social responsibility and upholding a corporate culture of caring and sharing. In the spirit of “taking from and giving back to society”, our newly established Chroma Cultural and Educational Foundation and ESG Office are set to further promote environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Executive Director of Chroma’s ESG Office Paul Ying shares past experiences

Chroma established Chroma Cultural and Educational Foundation in 2022

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