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Webinar July 16th

An Introduction to AC EVSE and Test Solutions by Chroma

Date: July 16th, 2020
Speaker: Chroma System Solutions

This webinar will briefly review the several industrial standards related to AC EVSE (i.e. J1772 for the EVSE connectors & EV Inlets, ISO15118 for V2G communications), and the test solutions offered by Chroma ...

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Webinar August 13rd

An Introduction to WPT (Wireless Power Transfer) and Test Solutions

Date: August 13rd, 2020
Speaker: Morgan Li, Chroma System Solutions

Continuing the series of webinars for EVSE test solutions, this webinar will review the industrial standards with regards to the WPT (Wireless Power Transfer/Transmission) for EV charging. We will discuss the test requirements of the WPT and provide the associated test solutions with the automatic test systems (ATS) to ultimately validate the functionality and improve the efficiency of EV charging through WPT.

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Webinar July 30th

An Introduction to DC (HP/FC) DC EVSE and Test Solutions

Date: July 30th, 2020
Speaker: Chroma System Solutions

This webinar will focus on the discussion of DC EVSE with the High Power (HP) and Fast Charging (FC) capability. Chroma will share the test experience associated with Chroma’s Automatic Test System to provide the overall solutions to adopt the industrial standards of the modern DC EVSE; SAE J1772 for DC CCS1 combo, IEC62196-3 CCS2 combo, CHAdeMO DC 2.0, and GB/T 23234.3 ...

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